Waterfall Pillones

Waterfall Pillones


102 kilometers from Qori Hotels

You will see dozens of rocks shaped by the erosion of water and time. You will also see numerous vizcachas jumping over the rocks.

Other Locations To Visit

Distance From Qori Hotels
300 m

Main Square Plaza

It is one of the main public spaces in Arequipa and the founding place of the city. It is located in the Historic Center of Arequipa.

Distance From Qori Hotels
600 m

Santa-Catalina Monastery

It is a religious tourist complex located in the historic center of Arequipa, department of Arequipa, Peru.

Distance From Qori Hotels
1.8 km

Yanahuara Overlook

It is a set of portals located to one side of the main church in front of the square, it has an impressive view of the city and the volcanoes.

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